Ninja Shadow Warrior, despite its name, isn't the latest stealth/action game joining the ranks of Shinobi, Shinobido, Ninja Gaiden, Tenchu, etc. It's a "stand alone photo booth arcade game using the Kinect camera, computer and a hacked closet light button built into a custom game cabinet."

In this multiplayer game, your palace is under attack, and you need to use ninja magic to hide and become different objects. To take those objects' form, you and your partner need to coordinate and pose in a way that matches their silhouette. With each level, the forms become more difficult.

Your highest score in the game, and a "winning snapshot" are automatically posted to this Tumblr site. It looks like Ninja Shadow Warrior, which was developed by designer Kaho Abe, is at New York City's Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.