Wait, what?

Namco have made some great titles with the Championship Editions of Pac-Man and the Legion variant of Galaga, but they've delved deep into the back catalog for their next investment with Aero Cross and Dancing Eyes.

Aero-Cross, seen above, is based off the 1985 Arcade game Metro-Cross, which was a precursor to the Canabalt style runners we see a lot of today. You and your friends will be running across a futuristic landscape dealing out combos and jumping over barrels in the hopes to beat your best score and your opponents. It's an interesting game to go back to (you'd think Dig Dug would be next up for an enhanced revision) but with the quality Pac-Man CE DX packed in, I'm hopeful this will keep me engaged for a while. This title will be available for both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network sometime this year.

This next title.. oh my.

Of all the things to go back to, Namco went to the incredibly obscure Dancing Eyes, a 1996 Arcade title only released in Japan based on PlayStation hardware. The game involves you, a tiny Monkey, playing a game of QIX in order to remove the clothes of cute anime girls. Not exactly as creepy as Gal Gun but still a really weird game to bring back. This game will be on the PlayStation Network only, and will support the Move controller.