Definitely one of the more odd games revealed for PS Vita yesterday, Mr. Ink Jet is the latest from AQ Interactive (Bullet Witch, KORG DS-10) and relies solely on the handheld's read touchpad for its controls.

Before playing, Mr. Ink Jet uses the system's cameras to design its characters -- at E3 at least, attendees were provided with a book of illustrations containing robots and luchadors to create their heroes, and could take shots of their own faces.

GameSpot spent some time playing through the offbeat game's demo levels:

"In all of them, we had to use four fingers on the rear touch-pad to control our character's hands and feet. In the first level, we were being hoisted up the side of a building on a cable and, simply by moving our limbs, we had to avoid laser security systems and falling sticks of dynamite while also reaching out to grab falling pieces of paper.

It was tricky, but mistakes didn't appear to carry any serious consequences--perhaps because Mr Ink Jet is still in the early concept stages of development at this point. That might also be why the second level involved nothing more than jumping between two buildings (admittedly over a mile apart) with just one simple gesture on the touch-pad."

This sounds very wacky, so naturally I'm all over this.

[Images via Destructoid]