[GameSetWatch columnist Mister Raroo continues his E3 coverage with another report of the day's adventures. Unlike other media outlets, only Mister Raroo's write up delivers such hard-hitting content like eating sugary cereal, watching the gaming media go into a food frenzy, and talking to others with food on one's face. Be sure to read Mister Raroo's day one write-up if you haven't already, and look for his E3 finale soon!]

Breakfast of Champions

My son would be proud of me because I had his favorite cereal for breakfast: Froot Loops. I snagged the last bagel at the free continental breakfast my motel offers, too, much to the chagrin of other guests who came in just a minute or two too late to wolf down some carbs for breakfast.

It’s usually difficult for me to sleep well when I’m away from home, but after a long first day at E3, I had no trouble zonking out last night. This is especially good because the walls in the motel are paper thin, and I could hear someone in the next room snoring. That’s not nearly as entertaining as the time I heard a couple having extremely loud sex while staying in a hotel in Chicago.

It was a refreshing walk over to E3 this morning. The sky was overcast, the air was cool, and I listened to an episode of the Player One Podcast. When I got close to the convention center I noticed Leigh Alexander and stopped briefly to say hello. She does indeed possess what may very well be the best hair in the video game industry. So curly!

I also had an opportunity to briefly chat with Tim Rogers before the convention doors opened. I was quite amused by the fact that he was wearing a blue track suit and red sneakers in honor of going to some Sonic the Hedgehog party in the evening. There was a guy talking to Tim that I think was a huge fan, and it was heartwarming to see him struggle to strike up random bits of conversation with his hero. I know how it is to feel awkward like that.

Very Long Line

The line to get into the convention center’s West Hall was criminally long, and it was rather obvious what everyone was anxiously waiting for: The Wii U. But, to be fair, that’s what I was planning on seeing, too, so I was only contributing to the madness. Would I successfully get some hands-on time with the system? Hah, fat chance.

I walked a full loop around Nintendo’s massive booth before I found the end of the Wii U line, at which point a Nintendo representative announced that it would take approximately eight hours from that point – that is, if we had the good fortune to even get in at all. I felt bad for one dude who acted like he was going to start crying. I think his E3 was officially ruined.

No Way I’m Waiting in That

I decided to ditch the line and go check out some other games instead. I didn’t come to E3 to stand in line all day, after all. I first made a pit stop in the Media Hospitality area to fill up my water bottle then grabbed a snack before going back to the show floor. On the way I bumped into Christian Nutt, which is funny because I had just posted online that I was hoping to meet him. He was really pleasant and I liked the cool red glasses he was wearing.

Pixeljunk Sidescroller is Super Rad

My next destination was Sony’s booth, where I thought I would try out the Playstation Vita. Instead, I immediately became enraptured with Q Games’ wonderful love letter to classical horizontal shooters, Pixeljunk Sidescroller (Good thing, too, because the Vita line looked to be slow and lengthy). Another attendee and I kept switching off playing it, and all we could keep saying to each other was “This is so awesome!”

I wanted to get some writing done, so I made yet another return to the Media Hospitality area, which was quickly becoming my home away from home. Lucky for me, it was right when lunch was being served and by that point in the day my tummy was rumbling. But man, what a feeding frenzy!

Video Game Media Gone Wild

There was an orderly line in place before the convention center staff served lunch, but once the food was made available, people starting cutting and making crazy dashes to grab armloads of food containers. Hungry, greedy video games media folks! I took the high road by waiting in the proper line along with some of the more honorable attendees, snapping photos of the wild scene before us. There was still plenty of food to go around after the vultures were done, too, so the need to make a break for the grub was totally unnecessary.

While I was enjoying my lunch and checking Twitter on my laptop, some random guy who was too lazy to find an electrical outlet asked if he could charge his iPad by plugging it into my computer’s USB port. I decided to be generous and let him do so, but I thought this was kind of an awkward request. Fortunately his iPad didn’t like my laptop and wouldn’t charge, so he went off to bug someone else. I like to think my computer is sentient and purposely refused to give up its precious battery power.

Tired Staff Members

Speaking of battery power, everyone at the convention was really starting to look like they were running low on juice. In particular, many of the booth representatives appeared downright burnt out. I can’t blame them. It seems like a hard job. I had a few appointments scheduled and whenever I went to check-in, the reception I received was lukewarm, to say the least. Everyone looked like they were thinking, “Whatever. I don’t care. I hate this. I want to go home.”

One of my appointments was at Ignition, where I ran into JC Fletcher. He and I geeked out when we discovered they had Magical Drop V on display. It seems pretty fantastic. JC and I seem to have similar taste in games, so he gets my seal of approval. The two of us were “walk together buddies” when we both headed over to the South Hall to scope out some other stuff. He told me he was planning to get one of the plush alpacas from Nastume’s booth, and I bragged that I already had one.

My son Kaz is a huge Power Rangers (and Super Sentai) fan, so I knew I had to go to Namco’s booth to try their new Wii game based on the series. It wasn’t all that hot, though I guess younger kids might be into it. But it was worth the time for me to take a look because the booth representative hooked me up with a Power Rangers action figure to take home for Kaz. I noticed bad games often have good swag. I suppose publishers are on to something with that!

Otomedius: It Has Boobs!

Konami’s booth featured one of my surprise favorites of the show, Otomedius Excellent. Now, I’ll fully admit that it really isn’t that stellar of a game, and the overabundance of anime breasts is a little alarming. But I like it! I partook in a three-player co-op game with a couple of other attendees, both of whom seemed to think Otomedius was garbage and kept bagging on it the whole time. “Haha, look! Her hair animates when she goes back and forth but not when she moves up and down.” Ah, who cares? I still dig it.

I think all the walking around was making me get hungrier faster than usual. I ducked in for a snack when I happened across an unexpectedly barren cafeteria in the South Hall. Seriously, the place was a ghost town. One of the cashiers was reading a book! While there I peeked at my 3DS and realized how out of control the incoming StreetPasses had become. Apparently everyone was walking around E3 with their 3DS systems!

As I was trying to clear out the virtual visitors congregating at the gate to my 3DS’s Mii Plaza, even more StreetPasses kept rolling in, which made the Mii management become almost impossible. The stream of new Miis was endless! And to think, I was so excited when I received my first authentic StreetPass last month, but now the feature seems old hat. However, I’m sure in a week I’ll be checking my 3DS only to feel sad at the lack of the little green light that signals a StreetPass has taken place. I’m ridiculous like that. I often want things simply because I can’t have them.

Raroo Business Cards

StreetPasses weren’t all that I was exchanging with others today. I tried to find almost any excuse to hand out my cute new business cards. It was my pleasure to hand over a business card to the very friendly Kyle Orland, who I’ve been in contact with online for quite some time but never met until today. To my embarrassment, I had just finished my lunch and didn’t realize there was a piece of chip stuck to my lip while I was talking to him. When I saw myself in a mirror later I thought “Oh no!” and then shook my fist at the sky and cursed Kyle’s name for not telling me!

The crowd started thinning as the day wore on and one thing popped into my head: Now's my chance to see the Wii U. I made the trek back to Nintendo’s booth filled with hope. Unfortunately, it was no dice, though I did at least get to hold a Wii U controller and see how it felt. It’s heavier than I expected, but pretty comfortable nevertheless.

Since there weren’t that many attendees in Nintendo's booth (well, at least in comparison to earlier in the day), I took the opportunity to try out a few of the games I hadn’t yet seen. Rhythm Heaven for the Wii seems like it’s going to be more akin to the original GBA game, which is great. I loved it. There was also a really kooky game called Picture Lives for 3DS in which you create a critter from various body parts and move it through levels via inventive touch screen controls. My fingers are crossed that it actually turns out to be as cool as I hope it will be when it comes to the eShop.

DS Phat at E3 in 2011Save for a unit here and there to display the new Kirby game, there were hardly any DS systems to be found in Nintendo's booth, let alone anywhere else on the show floor, for that matter. With that in mind, I never expected to see a "DS Phat," but there was one at Sega's booth displaying some lackluster-looking Captain America game. What the heck was that thing doing there?!

In my mind, there are two possible scenarios. Either someone at Sega was desperate for any available DS so they could display the game, or there's a jokester in the company that snuck that ugly piece of hardware onto the show floor just to see if any of the attendees would notice. I like to believe the latter is true, and somewhere there is a Sega employee giggling to himself as he thinks about people's reactions.

When 6:00 pm rolls around, the convention center quickly shuts down. I was surprised how quickly it all happens. The exhibitors have no qualms about telling you to get the heck out of their booths so they can close up for the day. I can’t blame them. I know I always get giddy about going home when it’s quittin’ time.

Mister Raroo’s Backpack

I grabbed a bite to eat before walking back to my motel room. By that point the spring in my step was all but gone thanks to fatigue. It dawned on me that perhaps one of the big reasons I was so tired is that my darn backpack is super heavy. It feels massive, and I was getting annoyed all day long because people kept bumping into it as they passed behind me.

Taking a long, hot shower then laying in bed and zoning out while watching watching television was just what the doctor ordered to get some of my strength back. E3 is flying by, and there’s only one day left to go. I’ve been having an outstanding time, but I’m also ready to get back home and see my wife and kids. I love video games, but I love my family much more and I miss them.

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