Time once again to see what upcoming XBLA offerings have what it takes in Microsoft's eyes to be part of their Summer of Arcade initiative!

This year's selection includes Toy Soldiers: Cold War, the Kinect version of iPhone favorite Fruit Ninja, Michel Gagné's much anticipated Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Ubisoft's equally sought after From Dust by Another World's Eric Chahi, and the action RPG that turned plenty of heads at both GDC and PAX East, Bastion. Not a bad selection by all accounts.

Also a heads up to anyone set to brave the convention floor later this week; if one doesn't feel like waiting in line for 8 hours to play Skyward Sword at Nintendo's booth for 15 minutes (as tempting as it might sound), word has it that Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet can also be found at the Warner Bros booth, which is far worthy alternative in my humble opinion.