Plans to have another massive heaping of Tumblr this past Tuesday night, as in previous weeks, didn't materialize due to an abundance of actual news taking precedence. Apologizes to those that might have noticed! But since things have quieted down-somewhat, and mostly because I don't have enough material to warrant a toys and models rundown tonight, which is supposed to be my new Thursday night thing...

The above, of a Mega Man bad guy helping out a kitty, was found over at that one place that I really can't call out by name I’m afraid.

And another, from the same place, of Crash Man totally drunk...


Meanwhile, here's Crash Man, totally crashing...


Moving on, the always awesome Lamar Abrams just posted a nifty little Double Dragon tribute:


As noted once before, Lamar also loves Mega Man:


Skittle guy is here to pass along a friendly reminder:


One fave Tumblr that's usually non-game related is Fake Criterions. But every once in a while something relevant pops up:


Random imagery that you have zero idea what it's about is the norm. Is it just me or does this look like it's from a game? If so, anyone have any info? Apologizes if I'm being super clueless here:


Via Zodar comes something that I'm also in the dark about. Looks like some kind of Jack Chick Tract, but involving assorted Nintendo characters:



There's a third image, but it's on the small side. Back to screenshots, thankfully 10uhclock answered the question here; it's from Petz: My Baby Hamster:


Again, your obligatory Brandon Boyer Tumblr post:


This one made the rounds not too long ago; via GamOvr, if Nintendo's logo looked a little Sega-ish:


Finally, another dose of 10uclock, for yet something else familiar. Perhaps you've seen him in the past, the Tumblr sensation that's creepy paper mache Pickachu? Well, he's apparently out and about these days: