It was stealth-revealed earlier in the week, but Nintendo is putting out another entry to its perennial minigame collection/multiplayer party game series with Mario Party 9, releasing for Wii (date unannounced).

As indie developer Bennett Foddy (QWOP) pointed out with the image above, one of Mario Party 9's minigames looks a lot like his frustrating but addictive mountain climbing title GIRP, using Wii Remote buttons instead of a keyboard.

This probably isn't a deliberate rip-off, as you might remember that Nintendo put out a kind of similar mountain scaling game on WiiWare called Rock N' Roll Climber a couple years ago -- it was pretty silly, and I don't know anyone who actually bought it.

Mario Party 9's take will probably be very different, too, as it's multiplayer, Nintendo isn't known for creating purposely frustrating experiences, and I doubt you'll have to manage your momentum/timing to grab the next hand hold.

Nintendo game will also cost money, while GIRP is free to play in your browser right now!