While we patiently wait for an actual release date for Skullgirls, the talented individuals behind the game have once again offered another behind the scenes look at the creative process. The focus this time is on the animation, with the tour provided by creator and art director Alex Ahad. As we witness one character go through all her various motions, Ahad notes "This is like 2,000 man hours of work you're watching in 20 seconds."

The whole thing feels like a modern day (and video game) equivalent to those old Wonderful World of Disney featurettes that explained how Mickey and company were brought to life. These days, when it feels as if 2D art in gaming (especially for fighters) is not long for this world, the clip above is a glimmer of hope.

I just wish the whole thing was longer and also featured a few of the other folks involved, including Mariel Cartwright and Jonathan Kim; anyone familiar of the latter's interests via The Mecha Fetus Visublog might also be aware of his affinity for classic 8-bit Sega characters, and therefore may have assumed the plastic Opa Opa seen on a desk was his. Alas it was Alex's. Hopefully we'll see more soon!

By the way, for a closer look at the animated process, as well as the chance to contribute (Reverge Labs is currently looking for clean-up artists), simply refer to the June 7th post on their blog.