Microsoft's Kinect peripheral finally has a killer app. It's not Dance Central. It's not Adrenaline Misfits. It's Kinect Fun Labs, a free utility compilation that, among other things, allows users to scan inanimate objects and bring them to life with a set of googly eyes. It also has unlockable achievements that reward players for uploading and sharing their experiences via, which is bound to host dozens of freakish creations in the coming days.

My early attempts weren't all that great. The app has difficulty recognizing the difference between the intended object and the hands that are holding it, so my first creation was a misshapen coffee mug held in place by a fleshy flipper. Other objects were too small to be recognized, and my dreams of giving life to an Xbox 360 controller were crushed by the app claiming it was "too short and wide." Don't bother scanning any fat babies you have lying around, I guess.

Large rectangular objects had the best results, and I recorded an example above. For whatever reason, Kinect was considerate enough to give it a little mouth, making my creation look like it's always screaming in terror. I also managed to grab a capture of my cat, which...didn't go so well.

Sorry, Buttons. On the other hand, JC Denton seems pretty happy with his new nano-augmentations.