Earlier today, Sony released videos that highlight the upcoming software for its successor to the PSP, aka the NGP (and which many believe will be named PlayStation Vita when all is said and done). By far the most interesting of the batch is Sound Shapes by Jonathan Mak.

As Mak explains in the clip above, the game is essentially "a musical platformer", with every single element and action producing music. User generated content is a primary component, and given the heavy emphasis on audio, creating your own level is effectively creating your own song. There's little doubt that Sound Shapes will eventually make its way on stage, in the hands of at least one chiptunes performer.

Mak is mostly known for his previous effort, Everyday Shooter, which also helped to usher in the PS3 as one of its first high profile downloadable titles. So it's rather fitting to see his follow-up on another piece of debuting hardware, which also reinforces Sony’s continued support of indie development. Though Mak's interest in music is far better suited for portables to begin with; Everyday Shooter didn't personally click until it landed on the PSP, where the interplay between action and audio could be fully appreciated with headphones.

Follow the cut to hear from Mak some more, as he talks about life after Everyday Shooter, which included 10 failed prototypes with Toronto based musician I Am Robot And Proud.

[via Venture Beat]