So, there's an otaku artist in Japan going by the name Jeison-san, who styles himself after Friday the 13th's antagonist Jason Voorhees by wearing an intimidating hockey mask, except he carries a chainsaw instead of a machete.

With that chainsaw, he sculpts popular anime and video game characters, this time carving an impressive, life-size sculpture of Lucifel from Ignition Entertainment's PS3/Xbox 360 action game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (releases here next month).

It's actually not any more strange than some of the other publisher- or fan-driven promotions we've seen around the game, like the $170 El Shaddai-themed designer jeans, and the 'sweded' trailer posted last October.

When I shared this video with Joystiq's JC Fletcher, though, he pointed out something that made this less endearing and more unsettling: a man with a hockey mask and a chainsaw, who styles himself after Jason, made a statue of the devil...

[Via @feitclub]