Intrinsic Games, which took home IGF Mobile's Next Great Mobile Game award a couple years ago for curious platformer Divergent Shift (eventually published to DSiWare by Konami), announced its next project: a real-time strategy game starring "an army of witless but lovable single-celled organisms".

Also slated to release for DSiWare some time this year, Amoebattle has players feeding/growing amoebas, discovering new species, and battling hostile microbes in a microscopic world. From Intrinsic's description:

"Amoebattle takes full advantage of the touch screen and dual screen interfaces to deliver an intuitive and engaging title that players of all skill levels, from newcomers to genre veterans, can enjoy. 

Command 9 different types of amoebas, each with their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. Create a swarm of Locust amoebas by utilizing their instant replication trait, or hunt down other microorganisms with the paralytic toxin of the Viper amoeba.

Use the terrain to your advantage by placing herbivorous Queen amoebas next to empowering algae patches or hiding your carnivorous Sharks in murky water to prepare for an ambush. Turn the tide of battle by deploying technological probes such as the freezing Cryo Probe or the mind controlling Purify Probe."

The team, which was formed by a group that came together at University of Southern California, plans to put out updates, game info, and new media for Amoebattle on its Tumblr blog.