Turns out that David Dino, who has long dabbled with the digital canvas that is LittleBigPlanet. -- in addition to being an LBP GOTY Featured Creator, his custom Street Fighter and Zone of the Enders mods are no doubt familiar to anyone that has frequented most popular gaming blogs in recent months -- is also a fan of Gundam. Hence the Gundam Wing Project: Survival Training mod.

What you see above is the training level, in which you must attempt to survive wave after wave after wave of enemy mecha. Do well enough to reach a sufficient rank, and you'll get the chance to face off against the Wing's nemesis, the dreaded Tallgeese. Worth noting is the exemplary animation (enough to impress Ollie Barder, a gentleman who clearly knows giant Japanese robots plus then some) and the authentic music, lifted straight from the show.

Simply hit the cut to check out the aforementioned boss-battle. Apparently new content is being worked on, so hopefully the rest of the Gundam Wing cast will eventually join the melee.

[via Mecha Damashii]