A curious new project from the studio that gave us Killer 7 and No More Heroes has just been announced: a game based upon the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not only that, but it's a rhythm action affair. Actually, it's not entirely out of left field for Grasshopper; many moons ago, they produced Samurai Champloo for the PS2 in which music also played a major part of the gameplay. But we digress...

Since word first broke, there's been a steady trickle of information; it’s called Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact, which clearly indicates a tie-in with the current series of movies that re-imagines the original series, and is slated for the PSP. Suda 51 himself is overseeing the project, which is being directed by Kazutoshi Ida (mostly known for Aquanauts Holiday and Doshin The Giant) and features audio by Akira Yamaoka. The former Silent Hill composer is now in charge of remixing assorted Eva tunes, 30 in total, all of which have been approved by original series composer Shiro Sagisu.

Perhaps it’s not such a shocker to hear that music will play a key role in six different game modes. They have yet to be clarified, but one involves the player breaking through A.T. Fields (sorry folks not familiar with the anime; it would take WAY too long to properly explain the term, so please refer to this resource). A concept that Suda himself came up with when trying to convince Namco Bandai that his studio would be perfect for the job. It's currently 85% complete and will be available in assorted configurations, including the game all by itself, a game/soundtrack package, plus a game/soundtrack/t-shirt/special headphones deal as well. The due date is September 29, around when the third Rebuild movie is expected to hit theaters.

All in all, sounds good, but it's a bit of a bummer to hear that GhM's handling of EVA will be a simple action/audio experience. Given their penchant for dysfunctional family circles, and how Eva is all about that kind of fun stuff, one would prefer a more straightforward, story-driven escapade, maybe similar to No More Heroes. But given Suda's preference of "cool" characters as well, and how Shinji Ikari is far removed as one can get from Travis Touchdown, along with how by the numbers Gainaix prefers anyone else's handling of their biggest cash cow, it's perhaps just as well. Hopefully we'll get a Grasshopper produced Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt game one of these days.

Anyhow, here's a first look at Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact...

[via Andriasang]