Last week, we mentioned that NYC-based developer and Mobile IGF award winner Powerhead (Glow Artisan) laid off its workforce, and that the team had managed to submit one more puzzler to Apple's App store before packing its stuff.

Luckily (since no one's at the studio now to fix any bugs), the game made it through the submission process, and you can now download ASYNC Corp. to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for just $0.99.

A quick gameplay description for the unique andpuzzler:

"Your task at ASYNC Corp. is to create and send Packets. A Packet is a 2 x 2 (or larger) block of the same color. To make a Packet, a player selects a single Unit from each grid.

If a 2 x 2 Packet can be created, the Units will swap and a Packet will be formed. Just tap the Packet to send it off to one of ASYNC Corp's many Packet Handling Facilities."

ASYNC Corp features four different modes -- Quota, ASYNC, Zoning, and Freeplay -- and new themes you can earn from ASYNC's board of directors for reaching Packet Quotas. 

We might not receive anymore games from Powerhead (not unless the studio manages to re-hire workers and fund new projects), but at least we have this last colorful, smiling title to remember it by...