Jason Scott, director of the text adventure documentary Get Lamp, was featured in one of Google Tech Talks earlier this year. He screened his film, plus answered some questions before and after. The entire thing was broadcasted live and later put on Youtube, as you can see.

There's two ways of watching the movie: in an "interactive" manner, similar to the games that the documentary details, and a more straightforward "non-iterative" version, which is what we're getting here. So to "play" the movie as it was intended, along with a host of extras, and to also net a gold coin, be sure to pick up the double DVD set via the film's online HQ.

Also, for those who haven't heard, Reformat The Planet, without a doubt the definite chiptunes documentary is also available for viewing online, albeit it seven parts. Here's the first one...

Again, the real way to watch this movie is via its own 2 disc DVD set, which also includes the supplemental RTP 1.5 follow-up, along with its own slew of extras like music videos and tutorials. It's available via Fangamer, where one can also get some nifty buttons and an ultra comfortable shirt.

[via Dark Diamond]