One of the regular complaints you'll hear about E3 is how to this very day, even when it's been proven that women comprise a sizable chunk of the gaming demographic (outnumbering the men in certain cases), the industry from which everything stems from -- along with the media outlets that lend support -- is still a boy's club.

For the most part, "booth babes" are everyone's prime offender. Despite efforts to eradicate them from the show floor, they're still around. The best that can be said is how their attire has become slightly more conservative in recent years. With the primary exception (and there always is one) being if one is assuming the role of a character. After all, "The girl posing as XYZ has to show lots of cleavage, cuz it's in the game!"

Though the behavior of the attendees is another sad reflection, or so they say. I've personally never attended E3, and fellow reporters claim it's not worth the headache. Apparently, seeing excited nerds literally run into each other to grab that last show exclusive tchotchke loses its humor after the seventh or eight collision. Especially when they're fellow game journalists.

So the video above, shot by Shawn Chatfield of Mega 64 fame, more or less illustrates everything stated above in a rather eloquent yet equally uncomfortable fashion. And for the record, if I were there, no I would not be in line. I have a girlfriend!

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