Free-App Hero, the iOS app suggester created by noted British games journalist Stuart Campbell, has received a 2.0 update that features multi-tasting support, list caching for faster downloading, and other enhancements designed to improve the experience.

Unlike other free app trackers that have flooded the iOS market, Free-App Hero presents a human-curated selection of free titles that Campbell/Herosoft has played through and promises are quality.

Since launching, Free-App Hero has reviewed and featured over 750 games, adding around 100 titles each month. "If you'd downloaded every game it's featured, you'd have literally saved enough money to buy a contract-free iPhone 4," brags Campbell.

While the app itself will cost you $2.99 for the premium version, there is a free "Core Edition" that has all the content of its more expensive counterpart but is ad-supported (you can disable them for a week at a time by clicking on a single advertisement).