If you enjoyed the script in the original Deus Ex, you might want to follow this new project from Sheldon Pacotti and New Life Interactive, who was the lead writer for the landmark cyberpunk game. He's also worked on titles like Epic Mickey and America's Army.

The new game coming to Xbox Live Indie and PC, Cell: Emergence, is built around 3D cellular automata in a world full of dynamic voxels. Pacotti explains the gameplay:

"Players pilot a nanobot through the body of a sick little girl, melting infections with self-replicating colloids, building shields and pathways with buckyfibers, and shredding germs with monofilament 'daisycutter' depth-charges."
This seems to be a growing genre in games, going inside human bodies to cure/infect people. We saw it recently in Microbot, Viriax, and Viral Survival. It's a compelling concept, though, so I'll gladly welcome more titles of this sort!

Cell: Emergence will launch later this summer.