Not too long ago, Capcom asked its loyal legion of Mega Man fanatics to help decide his look in the upcoming Mega Man Legends 3. Initially three designs were proposed, which was narrowed down to two, and after votes from both sides of the Pacific were tallied up, what you see is the winner.

This all couldn't be better news for fans, simply because it demonstrates that the game is not dead, at least not yet. When it first became official, creator Keiji Inafune was quite clear when stating that it was a labor of love that which much time and pleading to finally get started. So when he made his seemingly hasty exit shortly afterward, along with the cancellation of Mega Man Universe, many assumed Inafune's pet project was not long for this world.

Unfortunately, the faithful are not out of the woods yet; the soon to be released in the eShop Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version feels less of a gift for patient fans and more of a test to determine if the whole thing will pay off after-all. Hopefully the demo's reception is a warm one, despite the fact that you play as someone else other than Volnutt (that's his name in the Legends world, for those who weren’t aware).

In other news, it was recently disclosed that a special edition of Tamashii Nation's D-Arts Mega Man X figure will be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con as a show exclusive. It's basically the recently released Japanese version, but with a metallic paint job:


[via Tiny Cartridge & Tomopop]