Fallout fans got a tempting look at a live-action Capitol Wasteland in the fan-made Fallout: Nuka Break short film released earlier this year. The humorous but reverent film told the tale of a former Vault dweller seeking the singular refreshment of an ice-cold bottle of Nuka-Cola -- Fallout devotees were wowed by its high production values and attention to detail.

Encouraged by the film's positive response, Wayside Creations are requesting donations for the production of a Fallout-based web series, and are now nearing their goal of $20,000.

Since kicking off the donation drive last month, filmmaker Zack Finfrock has released an update video detailing the troupe's future plans for the series. At the rate they're going, it won't be long before we see more adventures from Twig and his slightly irradiated pals.

[via Joystiq]