Footage from a work-in-progress version of Super Mario Bros 3 recently showed up out of seemingly nowhere, first on Nico Nico Douga, and later on YouTube (as you can see). It's from the September 1988 edition of Famimaga, a Nintendo-specific magazine that I guess also had a video component of some kind. And as you might have noticed, it largely resembles the game we all know, but not completely.

Like the part of the game that resembles Level 1-3, yet with differences in block placement and types, plus an extra foe. The rest of the clip shows stills from assorted areas, which either have key differences or are completely foreign. The HUD is also fairly different, and as one YouTube commentator pointed out, the timer also runs much faster.

Watching games during their earlier stages in action is always fascinating, and this is certainly no exception. Though it would be 1000% more exciting if it contained footage of Kuribo's Shoe in action -- other portions of the game were meant to feature the power-up but were all later axed.

[via Nico Nico Douga]