Anyone with a 3DS is certainly aware by now that the long-awaited system update is loose, and about how it adds a number of key new features/components, such as the eShop. Arguably the one new function that prospective owners have been most interested in is the DSi to 3DS transfer tool, hence why many have chosen to wait to upgrade. Those with a sizable DSiWare collection can finally let go of yesterday's hardware without feeling like they’re also throwing away a hefty virtual investment.

The video above details the whole process, step by step, with the obvious highlight being the Pikmin doing the actual work of moving games from A to B. Unfortunately it took over an hour for, mostly due to the 34 titles that was in the system of origin. Furthermore, and maybe I'd know this if I actually had a 3DS myself, is how games that are save on a SD card are handled. Does one have to transfer them onto the DSi's "dash" when room has been made, or does the tool auto-detect everything, including external storage media?

Then again, the fact that 34 games were moved in one swoop (presumably) pretty much answers that question already; at best I can fit maybe 12 onto my system as once.

Another thing that both current and future owners are no doubt curious about is how Game Boy emulation is handled. Basically, two mode of viewing, black and white or the far more authentic black and green, as well as a Game Boy border that accommodates a slight 3D effect...

[via Vooks]