Some might recall the precious few seconds in yesterday morning's Playstation Vita clip that made Eric excited (alas, it and the aforementioned Sound Shapes are the only two games that make me care about the platform thus far). Well, in addition to the trailer above, some additional information regarding VanillaWare's latest has finally been disclosed.

According to the game's director, George Kamitani, the genesis of the project can be traced back Sega Saturn cult classic Princess Crown some 13 years ago. So Dragon's Crown is essentially a sequel of sorts, one that was originally intended for the Sega Dreamcast. But actual development didn't start until Muramassa for the Wii wrapped up, which is far more recently.

As one can see from the video, cooperative gameplay is a key component of the action RPG. Though according to Kamitani, it will only support four players at most. Which is odd considering how five characters are clearly visibly running around. But upon further investigation, that fifth person is just some dude carrying a huge bag over his shoulder, no doubt a lackey to haul everyone’s weapons and spoils. I'm guessing he’s non-player controlled and just always there, similar to the Undead Hero in Guardian Heroes, except nowhere near as cool.

Kamitani also explained how several publishers were approached, but only Ignition gave them the okay. Furthermore, Dragon's Crown is intended to be an evolution of the formula established by Golden Axe and King of Dragon, while sticking close to its 2D roots.

[via Andriasang]