Double Fine has its loyal legion fans, and most of them (to this very day) love Psychonauts to death, perhaps its most noteworthy creation to date. So the possibility of a sequel has been brought up countless times, but in each instance, Tim Schafer and company have explained that the game’s publisher (Majesco) was simply not interested. We also don't know if anyone else has expressed any interest either, nor if there were any roadblocks on that end. But chances have officially improved; word came yesterday via Double Fine's senior gameplay programmer Anna Kipnis that "OMG Double Fine is now the sole publisher of Psychonauts!!" OMG indeed.

She also notes that any purchases of the game from this point forward, on Steam for example, will result in all proceeds going to the developer. It’s big news for several reasons. First off, this will no doubt encourage devotees to purchase yet another copy, maybe for a friend that has yet to be acquainted with Raz and company (if they haven't done so already, but there's ALWAYS someone out there who hasn't played Psychonauts yet). But more importantly, renewed interest, along with strings no longer being attached, might make the project more enticing for other publishers.

After all, Schafer has stated that it still gets around both legally (Steam, Good Old Games, and GameTap) and illegally (as much as it would nice to make every possible dollar, its creator might ultimately just be happy that folks are still interested). Coupled with all the new hardware options that are opening up, plus plans and ideas that you just know have been around for some time now, one does not need to be clairvoyant to see a sequel is coming. Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

[via Gamastura]