KPE, a division of Konami that's involved in the slot and pachinko scene, has once again produced a machine that's based upon an IP belonging to their parent company: Gradius: The Slot. It takes numerous staples from the series, including classic boss encounters redone in CGI plus favorite tunes that have been sufficiently updated and remixed (even Lord British from the Gradius off-shoot Life Force is along for the ride), and adds a heavy dose of anime. The end result is perhaps the most story driven installment of the shump series yet... but in the form of a slot machine. Still, diehard fans of the series should be impressed (perhaps jealous).

What I want to know is who exactly plays these games. Is this meant to appeal to actual Gradius devotees, or just something else to impress patrons at the pachinko hall, who if they're anything like the old folks who migrate to Atlantic City here in the States, could give a rat's ass about the content contained and only care if it falls within the completely arbitrary parameters necessary for them to spend any money on.

By the way, this isn't the first Konami franchise to receive such a treatment; there's actually been a few based upon Castlevania. Here's the trailer for the second one:

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