Andy Baio, publisher of the Miles Davis tribute album Kind of Bloop, has detailed his legal battle following a lawsuit over a pixel art reproduction of Kind of Blue's cover image, originally photographed by Jay Maisel.

The project, a cover album featuring contributions from a collective of well-known chiptune artists, met with an enthusiastic response upon its announcement and the initiating of a Kickstarter donation drive. The $2,000 Kickstarter goal was exceeded four times over, with proceeds going to the contributing artists, as well as toward purchasing the legal rights to distribute cover version of Davis's songs. Baio did not accept any profit from the venture.

Baio was contacted by Maisel's attorneys in 2010. After a protracted legal battle, Baio opted to settle out of court, to cut his losses.

"It breaks my heart that a project I did for fun, on the side, and out of pure love and dedication to the source material ended up costing me so much — emotionally and financially," Baio writes. "For me, the chilling effect is palpably real. I've felt irrationally skittish about publishing almost anything since this happened. But the right to discuss the case publicly was one concession I demanded, and I felt obligated to use it. I wish more people did the same — maybe we wouldn't all feel so alone."