Established in 2001, Sega Sound Unit [H.] is Sega's current in-hose band, and the spiritual successor of the Sega Sound Team, otherwise known as the S.S.T. Band. The line-up includes Hidenori Shoji (among the many games he's worked on, the Yakuza series is perhaps the most recognizable to Americans), Mitsuharu Fukuyama (whose credits include Virtual On and Bayonetta), Takahiro Kai (was also involved in Virtual On and Yakuza), plus former S.S.T. Band members Hiroshi Miyauchi (the driving force behind the groundbreaking soundtrack for OutRun) and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (most famous for his compositions and singing voice in Daytona USA).

Ten years later, not only have they set up a special anniversary site, which contains information regarding the bodies of work for all its members, columns, plus assorted personal information, but a special concert is being planned. Happening on July 1st via Ustream (this channel to be exact, which naturally is dormant for the time being), the plan is for everyone to play selected cuts from Sega hits.

In the meanwhile, one can enjoy an hour-long jam session that took place in Akihabara last month, which mostly tapped into the music of Mega Man Zero. Called Rockman Zero Live, it was put together to celebrate the release of Resonnant Vie, a collection of acoustic arrangements from the Zero series. Headlining the event was Ippo Yamada, who since Zero has been the primary computer behind the franchise (including the most recent retro releases, Mega Man 9 and 10), though playing the part of MC was none other than Japanese chiptunes superstar Hally! It too was live streamed, and later archived, which can be viewed in its entirely here.

[via Nobuooo & Rockman Corner]