Starting tomorrow in Brooklyn, and extending into the weekend, is this year's edition of the Bent Festival. Brought together by some of the same folks who make Blip Festival happen, the general goal and vibe is essentially the same; it's a gathering for those who wish to celebrate the art of taking technology, often antiquated or marginalized hardware, and giving them a new purpose. The end result is mostly video art and installations, but there's a heavy emphasis on performance as well. When you see some of the wacky DIY, hacked together, circuit-bent instruments that some hit the stage with, it makes folks who perform with Game Boys positively pedestrian.

Though there will be chiptunes as well. Slated to perform is Jeff Donaldson, better known as Notendo, a Blip Festival (as well as Pulsewave) alum, along with Burnkit 2600 and another Blip Fest veteran, Tristan Perich. He'll be on-hand with his pals in Loud Objects. Jenn de la Vega, one of key orchestrators behind Bent Fest (as well as Blip once again) also notes that Rosa Menkman and Gijs Gieskes, while not performers per se, will have work that should appeal to those that are into 8bit music and that world.

To purchase tickets or simply get more information, head on over to the festival's homepage.