Yet another teaser clip for the upcoming anime based upon Persona 4 has been released. It's super short but gets the point across effectively nonetheless. Not that anyone was expecting her not to make an appearance, but everyone's favorite j-pop starlet that's weary of the perils of stardom and who thusly escapes to the burbs for a more quieter existence, but instead is sucked into her television to battle monsters alongside fellow classmates, plus a talking blue bear, will indeed be present. AKA Rise Kujikawa.

Given how reverential the original game's fan base is toward the source material, everyone's cautiously optimistic about the show that's set to debut in Japan later this fall. Yet no one's been blown away by what they've seen thus far either; given how limp the last attempt at a Persona anime turned out, Trinity Soul, there is indeed cause for concern.

On one hand, it was a spin-off and only tangentially related to P3, so with this new effort, it being much closer connected to P4, there's far much more material to work with. That being said, there's also the fear of whatever's new mucking up what’s already absolutely perfect. Ask diehard fans of Persona 4 about the idea of a “Persona 4 part 2”, they'll say it's exciting, but ultimately an exercise in futility. Again, guess we'll just have and see.

Oh, so the teaser above is the eighth to be released. To see the first six, or the all the major highlights from each edited together, simply refer to this clip...

As for the seventh one, it's seriously only ten seconds long and shows really nothing. But for those who still need to watch, here you go.

UPDATE: Not long after this report was filed, a ninth teaser (and seemingly final) was released. It again features much of what we've seen already, but a tad bit clearer, long with some new material...

[via Siliconera]