Some might recall Sebastian Bender's previous clip, a bit of an internet sensation, in which he performed original Game Boy music sans LSDJ, Nanoloop, or anything of the sort. This time the instrument of choice is a NES, with the audio produced by mashing buttons, slamming the cartridge door, and smashing carts together, along with the help of clever editing.

The highlight here is obviously his "cartridge kazoo", created by simply putting a piece of tin foil over the contacts. Since many of us have blown into plenty of carts during our childhoods to get those games working, perhaps its not foolish to believe that most us don't need practice if we were to give such a thing a shot?

For those who want to put the song in their mp3 device of choice, one can either grab a copy of the song, no fuss no muss, or nab the track plus toss Sebastian a few cents for his trouble. Can’t wait to see him at next year’s Blip Fest! The dude does traditional chiptunes after-all.