For those that have already grown tired of the empty promises regarding gaming's future that E3 is often all about, there's always the warm glow of gaming's past. And one of the best places to relive those wonderful times, as well as finally nab a piece of one doesn't own it already, is eBay.

What you see above is a calendar made out of Legos to commemorate 321MOTHER, which took place in Tokyo two years ago. According to Game Sniped's post on the matter: "The event itself is sort of an Eartbound fan expo. One calendar was given away to each attendee of the event, which means there are probably less than 150 in existence. You can take it apart to change it monthly. Given the insane price we see some Earthbound swag end at, I'm wondering what this might end at."

With less than an hour to go as of this writing, it's only at $51. Even it gets up to some crazy astronomical price, fear not, because the seller claims to have plenty of other Mother-related goods that will be available soon. And given how this photo set details all the other items from the event, most of which frankly blows the Lego calendar out of the water, it might be best to just sit and wait.

Other notable auctions include a Wii that's been signed been autographed by the entire cast of Glee, a copy of Virtua Cop for the N-Gage, and an old NES that's been turned into a lunchbox...