Zach Gage's Bit Pilot, a favorite for many iPhone and iPod Touch gamers, is spreading its wings as of today. For starters, the iOS version is being upgraded to version 2.0. It's now a Universal app, which means a native iPad mode, along with Retina display support for those with iPhone 4s.

Gameplay and functionality-wise, there are two additional modes, three new tracks from Sabrepulse, cummulative score tracking, vs. friends ranking though OpenFeint, Game Center support, plus more. With additional modes via future updates planned. The brand new version should be available in the App Store by the time you read this; all existing version 1.0 owners will be able to upgrade free of charge.

Though the biggest news is the introduction of Bit Pilot for the Mac, which as Zach points out is the very first game to support the Apple Magic Trackpad as a wireless controller. Otherwise, it's only playable if you have a fairly recent MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air (sorry desktop Macs users with just a mouse, unless it's the multitouch enabled Magic Mouse). A demo for the OS X version is available via the homepage; the full release is also coming soon.