The debut trailer for the much-anticipated Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition has been unveiled, and surprise, it looks kinda different. One key feature being touted is "enhanced visuals" which rounds the squares and softens those pixels. Something that’s become par for the course whenever an old game gets re-released on today's HD enabled hardware.

As noted before, the whole effort seems rather counterproductive especially for a game like Third Strike. Given how hardcore Street Fighter fans will be the ones to mostly comprise the expected user-base, and how much they can't stand such meddling, this serves only to annoy and potentially lose sales.

Then again I wouldn't be surprised if someone high up in the Capcom chain of command demanded such a change, to make it more appealing to the mainstream, if it ever wanted to leave HQ's doors. Hopefully there's an original graphics option that hasn't been mentioned yet. But you never know with Capcom, hence the concern. On the plus side, the release will utilize GGPO, ensuring a rock-solid and frustration-free online experience (theoretically). YouTube sharing being built in is also a definite bonus.

In other Street Fighter news, it's just been revealed that the PS3 and PSVita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken will have a guest star: Cole MacGrath from Infamous. I think most folks (such as myself) are thankful that, for the first time in ages, it's not Kratos representing Sony in a brawler. Guess his stint in Mortal Kombat added some unforeseen stink on the God of War...