I always like to see complete transformations for returning characters when a fighting game franchise puts out a new release, the more drastic the better -- it really gives me the sense of a totally revamped game, instead of a less exciting iterative follow-up.

That's why I was immediately taken by the recent "Brawl" competition at Polycount Forum, which challenged participants to re-create fighters and stages from all sorts of series -- Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Smash Bros., Bloody Roar, Soul Calibur, etc.

The above image is a "scrappy teenage version of" Street Fighter's badass antagonist Akuma rendered in Marmoset Engine by Izaak Moody. My favorite details are his high-top sneakers, and the spray-paint can, prayer beads, and red symbol on his backpack.

Because it's impossible for me to share just one of these with you, I've included five more character re-imaginings after the break. You can see more fighter and stage re-imaginings at the Polycount Forum.

Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat by Baj Singh:

Haggar from Marvel Vs Capcom 3 by rv_el:

Cammy from Street Fighter by Bogdanbl4:

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury by AKAperly:

Zero from Marvel Vs Capcom 3 by cg-sammu:

[Via Players Pulse]