Have You Considered the Benefits of Life Insurance surprisingly is not an "advergame" commissioned by MetLife or Prudential  Financial or some other major insurance firm that's stumbled upon the brilliant idea of attracting new clients with TV games.

It's the latest from Justin Smith, developer of bear-in-a-car simulator (and consequently a 2010 Independent Games Festival award finalist) Enviro-Bear 2000 -- he whipped this up for last weekend's 48-hour game coding event Ludum Dare 20.

Realizing that games are all about living out a fantasy life, fulfilling long-held dreams we could never realize, he made a title with this highly appealing premise:

"You are an ugly life insurance salesman, and you must purchase gifts for your trophy wife. This is sneaky, because when you go bankrupt your wife will still have all her gifts."
To afford those gifts for your wife, you need to sell life insurance policies to people you expect to live a long time. You'll need to spend some of your cash to close on-screen pits that could send your clients to an early grave, too.

Have you considered the benefits of downloading the game for your Windows system? You're not sure about the costs? Well, I have a deal tailored especially for budget-minded folks like you -- you can get it for free right here, just click on the dotted line.

[Via IndieGames.com]