Here we have Mega Man and his bro giving their arch nemesis, whom they have affectionately dubbed "Dr. Wilma", a hard time before even setting foot inside his latest lair of evil. As illustrated by Lamar Abrams (full-sized version can be viewed here).

Anyone familiar with Lamar's work should no doubt be surprised to know that he has a fondness for the Blue Bomber. Here's another illustration, depicting all the ice-centric bad guys that he's come face to face with:


Of all the American artists who are dying to get his or her work into the Meteor's Famicase exhibition, Lamar is easily up there as one who deserves to be included. For years he's been experimenting on designs of his own; here’s one from last year:


And the entire cast, in pixel form:


From left to right: Ready Man, Hot Harold, Ice Cube, Old Man, Fly Guy, Disk Man, and Rella Rella. Finally we have a sneak peak at a new design that Lamar has been up to (which he posted on Twitter some time ago), one that features Max Guy, star of his "silly action and crazy nonsense" spectacular, Remake:


Lamar recently picked up an actual Famicom cart during a recent trip to NYC, in order to figure out the proper dimensions of the label portion (apparently such info doesn't already exist online). In the meanwhile, those wishing to pick-up a copy of Remake can do so via AdHouse Books.