It has been an amazing week in terms of classification leaks, particularly for Microsoft products, but a lot of them don't seem to be for games, but instead applications.

Kinect Me and Kinect Googly Eyes were shown earlier this week, but now Build a Buddy and Bobble Head have all been rated in the past week, all kinds of strange names, none which seem like they could be retail games, or even Xbox Live Arcade titles. There has been talk of a Kinect Fun Lab, but having multiple ratings like this means each of these are a separate downloadable pieces, and not a single "Lab" app.

Applications like Build A Buddy sounds like you could very well make new Avatar-like characters outside of your own, perhaps like the Wii's Mii characters so you can play as a variety of characters without the need to re-skin yourself each time. It would also make players pay for even more Avatar gear.

Bobble Head and Googly Eyes on the other hand I just can't fathom. They just sound like Avatar gear, and even as applications I can't think of how they could change the Avatar experience. What could it all mean? This next week up to E3 is starting to get pretty weird.