The Japan World Cup games are probably the strangest, most wonderful things you'll play today. They're all in Japanese, but navigating the interface to place bets on a winning horse (or other animals) isn't too difficult.

In Japan World Cup, jockeys and a strange collection of animals from all over the world have gathered for a race -- you don't actually control them, but that's alright, because the fun is in seeing their animations on the track.

Their wacky attempts to get ahead in the races range from a "bancho" horse jumping into a car to another horse pirouetting across the finish line. What's especially great is it's all presented in a dignified manner, as if aired on Japanese TV with commentators.

Riichiro Mashima (Ski Jumping Pairs) has released three of these: Japan World Cup 1Japan World Cup 2, and Japan World Cup 3. The races are often repeats, so I'd suggest playing through them two to three times each.