Iridium Studios' Jason Wishnov, a talented fellow I once worked with at DS Fanboy before circumstances forced us to part ways and become mortal enemies forever, just put out a polished rhythm/RPG hybrid with a special gimmick on XBLIG.

That gimmick is explained in Sequence's gameplay introduction video above, but I can't get away with bringing it up in the text and not expounding the idea here: you're playing out RPG battles across three streams of music notes.

In one stream, you'll need to tap out streams of notes (with a standard or guitar controller) to avoid taking damage during combat. The other two allow you to hit sequences that cast spells and build up mana to cast those spells.

Sequence promises more than 12 hours of gameplay, 90 minutes of recorded dialogue, 28 music tracks composed by Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton, hand-drawn characters/painted backgrounds by Wendi Chen, and more.

Even though you would be supporting a man I've sworn a blood oath against, I would not hold it against you if you decided to purchase Sequence for 240 MS Points or download a demo.