The Video Game Name Generator is a reliable source for a good laugh, producing equal amounts of random silliness and semi-workable game concepts. Designer Ed Younskevicius and coder Matthew Belcher have launched an HTML 5 version of the app, adding a new Twitter sharing feature.

The VGNG accesses a database of (mostly) real video game titles and subtitles to create new mixed-and-matched game names. Click through it for a bit and you're bound to stumble across a few gems. The Generator was previously mined for concepts in TIGSource's VGNG Competition, which brought to life titles like Presidential Crowbar Encounter, BudgetSoft Presents: Football Planet, and the excellent ROM CHECK FAIL.

Some of my favorite generated names from today:

- A Boy and His NASCAR Adventure
- Intense Big Game Hunter For Kids
- Fancy Batman Shack
- Wild Castlevania in the Bayou (the prototype name of The Adventures of Bayou Billy, I guess)
- Everybody Hates the Landmine Hunt

Anyone else get any good ones?