Though the franchise's appeal isn't quite so widespread in western territories as to warrant a theme park attraction stateside, Capcom's Monster Hunter continues to conduct brisk business in Japan, with this week bringing the announcement of an upcoming event at Universal Studios Japan.

The nature of the "event" is not described in the announcement, however, and could be anything from a cheap "bring your PSP to the park and play with your friends!" promotional stunt to a fully fledged interactive experience in which participants ride an underwater rollercoaster on the backs of giant dinosaurs (probably not, since the underwater quests from Monster Hunter 3rd didn't survive the port to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which this event is based on). Whatever it is, it's coming in August of 2011.

Of course, the first thing that the partnership made me think of was the possibility of a Monster Hunter minigame in a sequel to Kemco's wonderfully terrible Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure. Ah, if only. Rumors that an unannounced and unlikely Universal Studios sequel from dormant publisher Kemco will feature an underwater rollercoaster level based on Monster Hunter remain unsubstantiated.

[via andriasang]