[Every week, Gamasutra rounds up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services, as compiled by console digital editor Ryan Langley, including Sega Rally on XBLA and some intriguing new Virtual Console titles.]

Xbox Live Arcade

This week on the Xbox Live Arcade is Sega Rally Online Arcade for 800MSP, which you can grab now.

This week also brings along two new pieces of DLC, the first is a new table for Pinball FX 2 -- Fantastic Four, based on the Marvel comic book for 240MSP. The second is a surprising update to Ancients of Ooga with seven new levels in The Forgotten Chapters, available for 160MSP.

Also available this week is Deathsmiles 2X on Games On Demand. This is an interesting move for Microsoft because it's actually in Japanese without an English release, but now available in North America. It'll be interesting to see more digital releases like this, and I hope it works out for Cave. It's available now for $29.99.

Deals Of the week this week are pirate-related -- Age Of Booty, Secret Of Monkey Island, and Deadliest Warrior are all half price.

Xbox Live Indie Games


From the developer of Tuper Tario Tros comes Blocks That Matter, a new puzzle-platformer where you drill bits of land in order to collect them, and then rebuild them elsewhere. It's part platformer, part Minecraft and it's been quite a bit of fun to play. Grab it for 240MSP.

WiiWare / DSiWare (Europe)


A very small week in digital downloads for Europe, but still a nice surprise with Super Adventure Island now being available for the Virtual Console for 800 Points.

No WiIWare this week, but on DSiWare we have Remote Racers for 500 Points, and Successfully Learning English -- Year 4 for 500 Points.

WiiWare / DSiWare (North America)


North America has finally been graced with the Virtual Console version of Chrono Trigger. Considered an absolute classic by many, it's a must for any RPG fan, and it's just 800 Points.

One new WiiWare game this week -- Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix, a cute little dancing game for 500 Points.

DSiWare gets 3 new titles -- Big Bass Arcade for 500 Points, Word Searcher 3 for 500 Points, and Hellokids - Vol. 1: Coloring and Painting for 200 Points.

Please note that there is still no sign of a PSN Store update as of yet -- digital storefronts remain down although some PSN features like online gameplay are restored. Hopefully next week we'll have something to report.

[Ex-GamerBytes editor Ryan Langley now contributes console digital game news to GameSetWatch.]