[Every week, we round up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services, as compiled by editor Ryan Langley over at sister site GamerBytes.]

It's time to look at the digital-first titles debuting this week across both North America and Europe on the major console digital systems, including the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service, as well as Nintendo's WiiWare and DSiWare services.

Notable releases this week include Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury and Moon Diver on Xbox Live Arcade, and Rival Turf on the WiiWare's Virtual Console.

Xbox Live Arcade (Worldwide)

The PlayStation Network is still out of commission, but XBLA is up and running, with two new releases this week.

The new titles for download are Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury by the folks over at Treasure for 800MSP, and Moon Diver, a few weeks after the PSN release, for 1200MSP.

The latter also has some downloadable content to go alongside it -- two Score Attack modes, each for 80MSP.

WiiWare/DSiWare (North America)


There's one new WiiWare title this week -- BINGO PARTY Deluxe for 500 Points, which replicated the high action of Bingo. Also, we got a demo for BIT.TRIP Runner. There's also a new Virtual Console game -- Rival Turf for 800 Points.

On the DSiWare side of things includes Anonymous Notes Chapter 2 - From The Abyss for 200 Points, Ikibago for 500 Points, and Picture Perfect Pocket Stylist and 500 Points.

WiiWare/DSiWare (Europe)


Zero WiiWare games came out this week, but we do have a Virtual Console release. One of the most obscure games ever, Firefighting simulator The Ignition Factor is out for 900 Points.

Alongside it are three new DSiWare games -- Zoonies - Escape From Makatu for 500 Points, Ice Hockey Slovakia for 200 Points, and Successfully Learn English Year 3 for 500 Points.

[PSN releases were not posted this week due to the ongoing network outage.]