Located in Kichijoji, a part of Tokyo where the young gather to enjoy the arts and other bits of counterculture, is the EA Shooting Bar. Not only can one partake in colorful mixed drinks, but also release some rounds of ammo at the shooting range, which is built into the bar/restaurant. Granted, these aren't real firearms, but super fancy replicas known as airsoft guns (essentially BB guns that look super close to like the real things), but still!

So, it obviously makes total sense for Capcom to take over the place and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, as well as promote the launch of The Mercenaries for the Nintendo 3DS, by offering a wide variety of RE-themed booze, grub, and targets. As one might expect, there are drink specials based upon the assorted herbs that provide another form of relief, as well as snacks that resemble brains, cuz that's what zombies eat of course.

But the real draw is the chance to handle faithful reproductions of the various arms from the games, to be used to blow similarly familiar foes. For a full report, simply refer to the ultimate guide to Japan’s off the beaten path, aka Tokyo Scum Brigade.