While not grabbing the flashy headlines that similar entities might be enjoying, The Hand Eye Society's efforts as they pertain to empowering local game makers throughout Toronto, as well as interfacing said folks with their rest of the city in new and interesting ways, have not gone unnoticed. Last we saw of it, the group was showing off the second Torontron at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival. And next weekend they'll joining 18 others cities in a global event dubbed Random Hacks of Kindness.

The initiative brings together programmers, artists, writers, designers, hackers, researchers, producers, and pretty much everyone in-between to develop practical open source solutions for humanitarian efforts. The primary focus appears to be disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Numerous entities are lending support, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, HP, NASA, even the World Bank.

While some might wonder what a bunch of game makers could possible contribute to such lofty goals, anyone with a passing familiarity with The Hand Eye Society's members and their body of accomplishments know already that they will seize the moment to surprise and innovate.

If you're in Toronto and would like to join, this blog post will lead you the way. And for more information on RHoK, perhaps to see if there's something happening in your city, please refer to their homepage.