The video above is a must see, for both fans of TED (Technology, Entertainment, & Design) talks and the man behind Sega Rally, Space Channel 5, and Rez, plus its spiritual successor, Child of Eden. Though it's a safe bet that if a person enjoys one, they will dig the other if they do not already.

The clip begins with about three minutes of uninterrupted gameplay of the upcoming Rez part 2, perhaps the largest chunk seen thus far, as demonstrated by the game's creator himself. It's maybe worth mentioning that the entire scene is reminiscent of when Mizuguchi played the original Rez at some other public event ten years ago.

Mizuguchi's presentation is entitled The Future of the Game"; after the demo, he touches upon the principles that has forged his work, that being how video games can be a force to empower and explore the human spirit, how technological advances are changing the very nature of games as a whole (into "interactive... something" as he puts it), and the potential of those advances to ignite positive thoughts and actions.

TED is known for featuring some of the most innovative and progressive minds from their respective fields, so Mizuguchi was a definitely fine choice.

[via Kotaku]