Of all the sources out there, The Huffington Post broke the news first: both mainstream and underground Japanese cinema sensation Takashi Miike will likely helm a movie adaptation of Ace Attorney!

Otherwise, little is known, other than his statement that got everyone all excited in the first place: "It is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS." Since then, pictures of the supposed sets have surfaced, which closely resemble environments from one of the cases in the series. Thus far, looking good.

Now, what most might not be aware of, aside from longtime GSW readers of course, is how Phoenix Wright marks the second time Miike has adapted a video game into a film, with the first being Like a Dragon -- the literal translation of the title Ryƫ ga Gotoku , otherwise known as Yakuza to us Westerners). Anyhow, it was pretty awesome! For those curious, my review from when it made its North American debut at the 2008 New York Asian Film Festival can be checked out here. It has since been released on DVD in America as Yakuza: Like a Dragon by Tokyo Shock.

[via Huffington Post & Joystiq]