After creating machines based on movie licenses like Shrek, Avatar, and Iron Man, Stern Pinball is now working on a new table to capitalize on Disney's release of Tron: Legacy last year.

Parts4Pinball revealed these first photos of the setup and offered this description:

"Illuminated Motorized Spinning Disc in the center back of the playfield is protected by the Motorized Bank of 3 Yellow Targets, that retracts into the playfield. The Spinning Disc shoots the ball randomly across and around the playfield. 

Third Flipper at the left, half way up the playfield. Shoots beautifully into the one of the two plastic ramps. This Flipper is fed by many shots, including an orbit shot, a small loop shot, a skill entry shot.

The miniature Tron video game is mounted above the Scoop near the right side, about half way up the playfield. Shooting into the Scoop starts exciting features and collects big points. 

In addition to the Motorized Target Bank, this game has 4 Tron targets on the left, 2 Spinning Targets, numerous other Targets, and of course 3 Pop Bumpers to the right side."

Stern is expected to begin shipping the Tron: Legacy pinball machines this month, and a limited edition version in June.

[Via Arcade Heroes]