Big Ideas Digital has announced the release of Say What You See: The Collection 2.0, the latest edition of its hidden object iOS games that challenge players to "pick out the popular bands, movies and TV shows hidden in intricately detailed, hand-painted scenes."

Hidden object titles rarely get coverage here, but this one is notable for having a playable "Arcade Classics" set designed by Gary "Army of Trolls" Lucken, who you might know from his fantastic pixelart scenes like last year's Edge poster that was littered with game cameos.

Like the Edge poster, Army of Trolls' SWYS "canvas" (the game's term for a collection of puzzles) is filled with retro game allusions that you need to identify. There are five other downloadable canvases: '80s Movies, Books 2 Film, RomComs, Scary Movies, and TV Drama.

The app is free for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad with 10 pack-in puzzles (and a downloadable 1x 50 puzzle canvas), but you will need to buy additional puzzles and the themed canvases.